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Run 跑
Harvard College Film Festival, Staff Choice.(below are all official selection)
Ivy Film Festival, NY, RI
Malt Adult, NY, OH
New Haven International Festival, CT
Paris International Animation Film Festival, Paris
Insomnia International Animation Festival, Russia
Defy Film Festival, TN
New Wave Film Festival,
Experimental Super Star, Novi Sad
Stoptrik International Film Festival ,
Animation Volda Festival
Blow-Up Film Festival,
Another Hole in the Head Festival, San Franscisco
Cat 猫
New Orleans International Film Festival, LA
China Independent Animation Film Forum, Beijing
Malt Adult, NY
Sunday Short, London
Ivy Film Festival, RI
Scar 痕
Ann Arbor International Film Festival, MI
Rotten Girls Love 腐女的爱
VICE China
Documentary 72Hr
Leilei's Amazing Adventure
Tasty Beauty 秀色可餐
Cloudy 小云朵与小飞机的爱情故事
xiguan 西关纪录片